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Tuesday, 28 December 2010

'Greasy spoon' kedgeree

Kedgeree is traditionally made with smoked haddock, but my husband has demolished all the smoked haddock, together with the salmon, with which I usually make this dish.  Half-asleep this morning he muttered something about a cross between kedgeree and the traditional English breakfast so I came up with 'Greasy spoon' kedgeree.  For those not in the know, a 'greasy spoon' is a slang name for a cheap café which serves all day English breakfasts and other meals in the UK and USA cooked in huge amounts of oil or lard.  In this household, we generally refer to any fried breakfast (however little oil is used) as a 'greasy spoon', so this recipe is not as unhealthy as it sounds.


It sounded pretty revolting to me, but as it happened, my husband thought it was the best kedgeree I had ever made, but then again, like me, he likes lots of garlic and chilli, which may not appeal to some people.  The food on the plate above would normally feed two average people, as there is a lot of rice, but this particular plate was intended for someone who eats massive helpings. 

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  1. Well done Julia. You served your husband up a real treat there!